koolhof earth gala

Koolhof Earth’s first Give Back Campaign was conceived to help the Benedictine Sisters by funding and implementing energy saving retrofits at Emmanuel Monastery. Together with Interfaith Power and Light and our Benedictine partners we thank every one of our supporters for your commitment to the environment and particularly for your support of this project. Most especially, we are thankful to our many very generous sponsors and their commitment to improving Emmanuel Monastery’s energy efficiency.

We knew from the outset this was an ambitious project. Our goal was to raise $180,000 for environmentally friendly energy retrofits for the monastery in addition to the cost of the Gala. Community support has been outstanding! However, it appears unlikely that donations and ticket sales will pay for both the Gala and needed retrofits.

Koolhof Earth’s Board of Directors unanimously decided that our priority must be to successfully deliver energy saving retrofits to the monastery. Accordingly, the Board decided to cancel the Gala, but proceed with the online auction and ask for your continued support to fund these needed retrofits. Our objective is to deliver energy efficient windows, insulation, waterproofing, flue dampers, programmable thermostats, energy star appliances, and solar power as we planned.

There is much more to do. We need your continued help and support to make this project a reality.