Our Purpose and Partners

koolhof earth gala

Koolhof Earth is partnered with Interfaith Power and Light to raise funds necessary to retrofit the Emmanuel Monastery with energy saving systems. This project is all about stewardship, conservation, and sustainability! God created the heavens and the earth and all there on for humankind and He expects us to take care of His creation. Our reward for taking care of creation is God allows us to use it for our benefit.

We plan an event that will enable us to implement several energy retrofits at the Emmanuel Monastery. These retrofits include energy efficient windows, insulation, waterproofing, flue dampers and energy star appliances. Perhaps even more exciting is our plan to install solar power panels on their roof — 94 of them!

If we are fortunate to have surplus support, we will take on other sustainability projects around the area like rain gardens, conservation landscapes, invasive species removal, energy projects, living shorelines, cisterns and more! Your support will enable Koolhof Earth to deliver sustainable environmental restoration in your community.