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Koolhof Earth Cancels Gala in Order to Deliver Retrofits

February 04, 2016

“Our priority must be to deliver effective energy saving retrofits to the monastery.”

Koolhof Earth Develops Environmental Sustainability Plan for Emmanuel Monastery with a Comprehensive Energy Audit

July 05, 2012

Koolhof Earth recently conducted a two-day audit to obtain a holistic picture of the energy efficiency of Emmanuel Monastery. The Benedictine Sisters of Baltimore Emmanuel Monastery wanted to be more sustainable. They were concerned about energy consumption. Koolhof Earth will create a report for the Sisters to help them prioritize […]

Koolhof Earth Helps Support Maryland Grow Oysters

June 12, 2011

Restore Rock Creek, with support from Koolhof Earth, Maryland Yacht Club (MYC) and several of the local Marinas, has been accepted into Marylanders Grow Oysters. To learn about the program email and they will fill you in on what’s involved.