Sandtown Habitat for Humanity Sustainable Site Consulting

Sandtown Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization focused on rebuilding vacant housing, increasing homeownership, and improving the health of the community in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. A 15-block focus area consisting of about 400 vacant homes was chosen out of the 72-block neighborhood. Under Armour GREEN team and Under Armour GIVE BACK team partnered with the US Green Building Council’s Maryland Chapter (USGBC-MD) to work with Sandtown Habitat and build the first LEED-PLATINUM home in Baltimore City. The focus for Sandtown Habitat was to incorporate green standards into the Habitat model of “safe, decent, and affordable” housing in a way that didn’t cost more or slow down construction.

To support Sandtown Habitat in pursuing LEED Platinum certification, Koolhof Earth developed an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, a Landscaping Plan, and a Stormwater Management Plan to meet LEED Sustainable Sites (SS) points for the proposed redevelopment at 1810 Laurens Street.

The plans included:

  • Site Stewardship through perimeter erosion controls of silt fence and gravel berms to be implemented through the construction process.
  • Landscaping through specifying only native plant species, eliminating turf, and reducing irrigation demands.
  • Surface Water Management through permeable paving, landscape infiltration, and rain gardens, utilizing the MDE Environmental Site Design criteria.

Additionally, Koolhof Earth volunteered to provide Sandtown Habitat with volunteers for installing the landscaping on the project.