Koolhof Earth undertakes projects that reduce environmental impact to water resources, air quality, and natural landscapes with the overall goal of restoring ecosystems by reducing the environmental impact of past human activity on the natural environment.  Our intent is to deliver sustainable environmental restoration in your community.

Presidential Park

Problem Presidential Park is a nine building, 376-unit, low-rise condominium complex constructed in the 1960s. This site, along with the surrounding high-density residential development, is located in the heart of the Anacostia River Watershed in Prince Georges County. The neighborhood is a high-minority (80%), high-immigrant (43%), working class community. This area was […]

Sandtown Habitat for Humanity Sustainable Site Consulting

Sandtown Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization focused on rebuilding vacant housing, increasing homeownership, and improving the health of the community in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. A 15-block focus area consisting of about 400 vacant homes was chosen out of the […]

Technical Services Support for Restore Rock Creek

Koolhof Earth provides technical and administrative support to Caryn Canfield (the Rock Creek Watershed Steward), in her activities to understand the existing drivers of poor water quality in Rock Creek, and to develop a watershed action plan that addresses the improvements needed to restore Rock […]