Areas of Focus


To inspire, educate and lead by example, individuals, businesses, communities and organizations, to reverse the adverse effects of human activities on our earth and preserve and restore its natural resources for future generations.


Koolhof Earth recognizes the fundamental importance of clean water to healthy aquatic ecosystems and human communities. Koolhof Earth water projects improve water efficiency, reduce potable water demand and restore water quality through retrofits and restoration activities that restore stability and diversity to aquatic ecosystems.

Clean Water Process


Koolhof Earth energy projects improve energy efficiency and apply new and innovative technologies and approaches to reduce the impact of extraction and use of non renewable energy sources while more sustainable renewable sources are developed and brought to market to satisfy our growing energy demand.

Clean Energy Process


Koolhof Earth materials and resources projects focus on reducing the environmental impact of raw materials mining and transportation on water, air quality, and the natural heritage of undisturbed landscapes. Koolhof Earth materials and resource projects target building and infrastructure demolition to divert all types of waste from landfills so the materials can be recycled, reused and repurposed.

Clean Materials & Resources Process