Our Story

Founder’s Story

Koolhof Earth was founded by Eileen Koolhof Straughan to expand on her lifelong passion for the environment. Eileen believes that a sustainable world includes both a healthy natural environment and thriving human communities. The natural environment has long been diminished as society focused on providing for human needs instead of intentionally working to provide sustainability for both. Current trends in sustainability, smart growth and green building offer hope for greater balance between the needs of the natural environment and human communities in the future. However, a tremendous amount of work is needed to reduce the impact and restore the environment affected by past activities. Koolhof Earth was founded to identify and implement projects that address the impacts of past human activity and restore the environment particularly in underserved communities.

Koolhof Earth was named to pick up on the obvious play on climate change that results from leveraging Eileen’s maiden name, Koolhof, to honor her parents Russell and Yvonne Koolhof. Together, they taught her to value and respect the natural world through countless childhood camping experiences from the barrier islands of Virginia and North Carolina to Cook’s Inlet in Anchorage, Alaska.